Collection: Glass Can Cups & Tumblers w/Bamboo Lid & Straw


These Clear Glass Can (Beer Can) Cups and Tumblers come with a
Bamboo Lid with Silicone Seal and Straw

Recommended uses:

Any Cold or Frozen Drinks 
(Not recommended for HOT drinks)

Care Instructions:

Hand Wash Only
Not Dishwasher Safe
Recommend hand washing
Do Not Soak

***Please understand since all glasses and tumblers are made to order, the actual color may vary slightly from what is shown on the photos. Keep in mind these are handmade and may contain slight imperfections, blemishes, misalignments, etc.*** 


16oz Clear or Frosted Glass

25oz Clear or Frosted Glass Frosted 


These Cups are made of Glass and are very fragile, please handle with care.